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RPA and Data Security

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In principle, RPA improves security and control in your business



A secure RPA environment protects your business from malicious cyber attacks, unauthorized user access and sensitive data breaches.

Application agnostic


The risk of exposure to security incidents such as phishing scams, manual errors, data disclosure or hacker attacks is minimized by deploying security controls as soon as threats are detected.


Data encryption

The elimination of unauthorized access, data encryption, and quicker detection of and response to security issues help your business keep sensitive data safe from abuse.

How do RPA software bots secure your business?

Reduced cyber security risks


Thanks to data encryption, the risks of security attacks such as phishing, cracking or man-in-the-middle are reduced.


RPA considerably lowers the average time it takes to detect and react to security incidents.


Robots automatically deploy security control when any inconsistencies are detected.

Sensitive data remains secured at any time


With a bot on board, humans are not exposed to sensitive data, hindering the possibility of privileged access abuse or data misuse.


Bots create back-up copies of conducted processes which enables a detailed audit if needed.


RPA allows for easy implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) within certain business processes.

Elimination of unauthorized accessibility


Bots detect sensitive data within the system, then validates or deletes it when it’s found to be stored in an unauthorized location.


RPA software robots allow only certain people with the appropriate credentials to access a system containing sensitive information.


RPA applies data encryption for more secure data usage. This prevents incoming hacker and imposter intrusions into the system.

Security threats associated with RPA

Connecting to apps and systems

GDPR violation

Connecting to apps and systems

Access abuse

Connecting to apps and systems

Cybersecurity attacks

Connecting to apps and systems

Sensitive data breaches

Connecting to apps and systems

Huge security costs

Connecting to apps and systems

Non-compliance to standards and regulations

Why is it crucial to apply a secure RPA software?


Once the decision is made to welcome automation to your organization and happily hand over highly repetitive tasks to bots, you need to think about security.


Despite the fact that as a general rule, Robotic Process Automation helps to improve security and control within a business, there are some aspects you need to take care of before bots are granted full access to all of the data, systems and resources your company owns.

AnyRobot prevents RPA-related security risks

At AnyRobot we strongly believe that RPA cannot compromise compliance and security as robots are employed to carry out processes essential to your business. 
This is why our efforts have always been focused on providing our clients the most secure automation solutions possible, which help them meet strict security guidelines as well as assure compliance and governance. 
RPA reduces back office effort

Secure implementation process

RPA eliminates human error

Data encryption

RPA improves customer experience

Risk monitoring

RPA reduces costs quickly

Reduced response time to security issues


Secure RPA infrastructure ready to predict and prevent RPA-related security risks


Full log audit

What can we automate for you?

AnyRobot provides you with the quickest time-to-enjoyment on the market. Schedule a demo with our team to learn what processes in your company can be delegated to robots.

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