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Automate specific tasks with pre-built and ready-to-deploy RPA bots


How does it work?

AI bots are ready-to-deploy software robots designed to perform specific operating tasks and business processes within your company. Rule-based, voluminous and time-consuming duties, which have so far belonged to human workers, can now be easily automated and dealt with at a greater speed, with no downtime.

Think of AI Bots as individual automation segments able to work side-by-side. They can act together to provide your company with a complete automation of repetitive business processes. Powered by RPA, machine learning and AI technologies, AnyRobot AI bots learn from people, yet are more efficient and less error-prone than human workers. 

Visit our bot store and select specific AI bots to create a complete automation solution for your business.

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Benefits and opportunities of AI Bots


Pre-built and ready-to-deploy

you don’t need to build your automation bot from scratch. Use predefined AI Bots from the AnyRobot bot store to save both time and money.

Multiplication of human potential

human workers are liberated from manual, repetitive work to focus on more value-adding tasks and deal with exceptions.


AI Bots are applicable for multiple industries and roles

select specific AI bots to create a complete automation solution for your business.


Reduced costs for competitive pricing

a substantial reduction of workforce expenditures will help you address cost objectives in your company and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Capability to communicate both with people and other bots

ready-to-deploy in various social media channels and websites, as well as email and communication apps.


Certain rule-based tasks are performed at a greater speed

i.e. an AI chatbot will provide your customers and leads with professional support round the clock, all year long.

Unstructured data is processed faster

in a rule-based manner, which makes them more reliable and ready-to-use.

Powerful conversational bots

Using intelligent automation, organizations can deploy smart chatbots that not only learn over time, but also have all of the speed and efficiency of RPA when accessing, processing and presenting information - to employees or customers.

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Automated decision-making

RPA can be very effective on its own, but it remains static in changing conditions. By pairing it with AI, a company can set up a powerful tool that analyses data, makes complex calculations, predicts certain outcomes, and makes smart decisions.

Meet some AnyRobot AI Bots


AI Chatbot

Use AI Bot to automate conversational processes and manage customer support at a greater speed.


Document processing

Automatically process your business documents, invoices and emails.


Order-to-cash process automation

Automate your purchase orders end-to-end to streamline and speed up your O2C process.



Automate quotation creation and the login process in SAP.


Zendesk Bot

Manage tickets, users and organizations with the Zendesk Utility Bot.


Salesforce Bot

Improve Salesforce admin productivity with the Salesforce Mass Transfer Records Bot.

What can we automate for you?

AnyRobot provides you with the quickest time-to-enjoyment on the market. Schedule a demo with our team to learn what processes in your company can be delegated to robots.

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