Robotic Process Automation: one tool, endless possibilities

RPA brings incredible opportunities for almost every type of organization at a low cost and with a fast ROI



Optimize core processes, lower costs, improve accuracy, and offer the highest quality of service to customers after only weeks of implementation 

Any industry which relies on repetitive, rules-based processes can benefit from introducing RPA on top of their existing systems, especially if they handle large volumes of data. According to Deloitte, 53% of companies in finance, banking, healthcare, telecom, and many other sectors used RPA in 2017, and their number is likely to grow to almost 100% in the next three years.



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Digital Transformation: This is a major priority for CEOs. But many companies have legacy systems that would be expensive to replace or integrate. However, RPA is an approach that can help with this process, which is often quicker and less costly.

If there is a sudden jump in demand, it can be extremely difficult to hire new employees. But RPA can be a solution. It is much cheaper and faster to ramp up new bots to meet the demand."

T. Taulli, The Robotic Process Automation Handbook

RPA across industries

Automation is the future of business, and the best way forward for digital transformation. The organizations that miss out on this opportunity will not be able to keep up with the competition.

Finance & Banking

Save millions on compliance fees.


Reduce transaction times by 80% or more.


Improve employee productivity by as much as 300%. 


Introduce a solution with a low learning curve for users. 


Save more than 50% on current operating costs.


Cut costs by 37% and execute processes 10x faster.


Lower costs by 40% or more while driving innovation

Public Sector

Speed up document validation by up to 95%. 

78% of organizations using RPA intend to significantly increase investment in the technology

92% compliance improvement

86% higher productivity

59% cost reduction

90% accuracy & quality improvement

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RPA offers healthcare providers opportunities for easy medical data management, smart analytics, personalized care, and automated appointment scheduling.

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This challenging and rapidly changing industry benefits from RPA’s lack of human error, improved efficiency, real time tracking, and automated scheduling.

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