Robotic Process Automation for the Public Sector

Accelerate digital transformation, complete tasks 90% faster and help staff focus on critical work


Digital transformation in the public sector is inevitable - almost 60% of the UK’s public sector has already implemented RPA or plans to do so

With an annual global budget deficit in the public sector at 5% of global GDP, improvements in efficiency, compliance and risk mitigation are necessary. RPA can do all of that and more, while accelerating positive change without accruing additional costs. Thanks to the technology’s low barrier to entry, it can be implemented within weeks and picked up by staff with minimal instruction.

Achieve top public sector goals with RPA

Reduce the costs of battling COVID-19

Speed up document validation by as much as 95%

Improve decision-making with high quality data

Offer 24/7 support to staff and cut operational costs

Solve the key challenges of government agencies

Adjusting to a changing environment



Scalability and resource allocation can be particularly difficult in the public sector, as certain processes (such as general ledger reconciliation or batch invoice processing) are highly variable and dependent on circumstances.


The power of efficient scaling

RPA offers some of the most efficient resource utilization solutions available. A digital workforce is easy to scale as needed, always ready to improve an organization’s capacity for reporting, reconciliation, or any other task that requires data manipulation.

Maximizing data accuracy



Many of the interactions between the public sector and individuals happen through forms and applications. Transferring data manually from a permit application to the agency’s systems is a time-consuming task that introduces an unnecessary risk of human error.


Automating manual data transfer

Automated form processing is a natural development from online form-filling and applications for civil or social services. An RPA digital workforce can collect data from emails, online forms, scanned documents, and other channels of communication.

Maintaining HR databases



Maintaining documentation on employees and keeping it current is a challenging task, especially as the same has to be done for applicants and contractors. The risk of losing accuracy is high with manual data manipulation, especially when many changes are temporary.


Data management with RPA

HR tasks in the public sector are characterised by a high potential for automation, as they are standardized and repetitive. Data management, payrolls, onboarding and offboarding are all processes that can be streamlined with RPA.

Key benefits of RPA for the healthcare industry

Increase quality

Eliminate human error, maintain regulatory compliance, and help employees focus on critical tasks.

Optimize costs

Take advantage of RPA’s high cost efficiency and fast ROI, saving 25-80% on current operating costs.

Speed up processes

Deploy a digital workforce that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, and doesn’t make mistakes.


“Robotics process automation could be the key to speeding up government agencies’ recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a solution to backlogs thanks to 24/7 processes running in the background. Reports indicate that public service employees spend only 20% of their time on strategic tasks that require analytical thinking. Automation and process optimization can free up hours for each staff member, allowing them to focus on where they could have the most impact. Crucially, RPA can track changes in the system and ensure 100% data accuracy if set up properly.”

Edyta Pietak, CSO at AnyRobot

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