Voice Bot

AI Voice Bot transforms your website visitors into leads and customers with human-like, highly personalized voice conversations


How does it work?

Voice Bots emulate human-like, voiced conversations with your website visitors. They run conversations in real-time to engage, navigate and assist your potential clients on their customer journey from start to finish. 

Introduce Voice Bot within your website to communicate with your leads at their highest point of interest. Triggered by a website visitor, your Voice Bot will provide them with helpful marketing content and detailed information about your product or service. Just as a human assistant would do.

When a customer is on your site, Voice Bot will provide them with new product recommendations and promotions. Based on pre-set criteria, Voice Bot will instantly qualify new leads and schedule a demo or a meeting with high-level prospects and your sales reps. 

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Benefits and opportunities of Voice Bot

Human forces

Voice Bot brings voice back to your conversations

with customers and leads – this way, your marketing and sales become more human-centric. In the times of COVID-19, conversations have gained more meaning than ever before.

Human forces

Personal conversations at scale

voiced conversations are a time-consuming, yet extremely effective way of communicating with potential clients. With Voice Bot, there is no need to involve human workers or hire more people to offer your prospects real, human-like conversations.
Human forces

Voiced conversations round the clock

Voice Bot responds to leads and customer queries 24 hours a day, all year round. This way, your website visitors can get unlimited support, even in the middle of the night or on a holiday. You, on the other hand, will never lose the possibility to transform a website visitor into a client.

Improved customer experience

An RPA-powered voice bot can not only answer customers’ questions within pre-prepared scenarios. It can also access data regarding an individual customer’s account, make calculations, and offer insights on the same level as a human employee.

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Faster customer service

Conversational automation means faster access to relevant information - without waiting for a call center employee to pick up, then search for the data across various internal systems. RPA voice bots can do all that in a fraction of the time, and they are immune to human error.

Customer Service


Takes care of your website visitors with answers to FAQs and information about your products or services.


Provides your potential clients with relevant product recommendations and promotions.


Manages tickets and supports ticket follow-up.


Introduces website visitors to your products or services.
Generates leads and warms them up, responding to their queries.
Assists your potential clients on their customer journey.
Navigates visitors on your website, guiding them to relevant pages.

Shares helpful content and marketing information.



Interviews website visitors about their problems, needs and resources.


Qualifies leads based on your pre-set criteria.

Schedules meetings and demos with hot leads.

What can we automate for you?

AnyRobot provides you with the quickest time-to-enjoyment on the market. Schedule a demo with our team to learn what processes in your company can be delegated to robots.

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