Robotic Process Automation for Project Management

Begin projects strategically, handle data with top efficiency, and easily monitor the team’s progress with RPA



A digital workforce can provide crucial support in the highly changeable environment of project management

With it, organizing work, reallocating resources, and managing communication can be done faster without a loss in quality. Dealing with repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently through automation can free key staff members to focus on tasks central to project goals. Thanks to better organization and more accurate insights, projects can be delivered more efficiently, and the process can be analyzed based on a complete set of data, allowing for strategic improvements.


Achieve top project management goals with RPA

Reduce the costs of claims

Track project & team progress

Smooth & fast claims process

Speed up project delivery

Easy workflow automation

Set up automated workflows without writing code

No contact center backlog

Leverage improved project analytics

Solve the key challenges of Project Managers

Ensuring transparency



Clear and transparent communication is crucial for a good project workflow, but sending project progress reports to all interested parties, and generating those reports from project management tools like Jira, on a regular basis, takes a lot of work when performed manually.


Building an effective communication flow

Automation in project communication management is not only possible with RPA, but easy. A digital workforce can handle regular reports, data collection and transfer, scheduling, and notifications triggered by events in the process. This way, project managers can focus on the human aspects of cooperation.

Automating repetitive tasks



Program managers in various organizations handle large portfolios of projects, in which the same rote tasks need to be completed over and over. This increases risk of error and lowers accuracy for schedule management, change management, and other vital aspects of taking a project successfully from an initial idea to completion.


Speeding up project delivery

RPA is known for easily handling data from multiple sources, maintaining high accuracy and speeding up workflows by 30-90%. It can interact with an existing ecosystem of tools, updating milestones and activities, and pulling data from across the organization to eliminate inconsistencies. This can result in lowered costs through faster project delivery.

Data-driven project management



Resource management (planning and capacity modeling) are critical to a project’s success. Many companies are sitting on troves of useful documentation that can be used for automation. Additionally, project metrics are often tracked but not analysed to their full potential, because the time investment wouldn’t match the benefits.


Efficient resource management

Some organizations maintain databases of roles, project templates, and process frameworks. These can be used as a basis for a fast implementation of RPA. Unlocking the value of a company’s data is easy with a 24/7 digital workforce that can collect information from multiple formats, run comparisons, complete calculations, and more.

Key benefits of RPA for Project Management


Improve security and control

Set up fast-response security controls, eliminate unauthorized access, and detect security issues before they become a problem.


Scale up operations

Increase operational capacity and broaden your offer through innovation at a very low cost.


Speed up processes

Deploy a digital workforce that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, and doesn’t make mistakes.


“RPA is a technology built for improving speed and efficiency while lowering costs, which makes it incredibly valuable for project managers. Setting up automated workflows frees up people’s time and attention, allowing them to create real value during most (if not all) of their working hours. Better insights and progress tracking helps managers identify issues early, remove them quickly, and avoid them entirely during the next project. Automation in communication supports staff members’ efforts in a nonintrusive way. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.”

Michal Wojewoda, Global Sales Strategy & Operations Manager at AnyRobot

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