Robotic Process Automation for Payroll Administration & Billing

Digitize repetitive manual tasks to cut costs, achieve top efficiency and deliver a higher quality of service


As a cost-effective enterprise solution, robotic process automation brings a number of improvements to financial administration.

Efficient time tracking with RPA allows for better planning and risk management. Automated reminders boost productivity, while data collection and analysis (e.g. to compare budget scenarios or calculate currency rates) performed by a digital workforce can speed up multiple processes. Additionally, payroll administration benefits from RPA’s potential to be entirely error-free.


Achieve top payroll and billing goals with RPA

Reduce operational costs with 24/7 processing

Save 65% of employees’ time

Boost productivity by 70%

Reduce manual errors by 84%

Solve the key challenges of Payroll Administration & Billing

Managing data



Data collection and management in payroll and/or invoice administration is very time consuming. Not only does data need to be collected from various sources, transferred and stored in a standardized format, any discrepancies need to be reconciled, which often involves cross-departmental communication.


Handling various data formats and sources

RPA is a fantastic solution for data manipulation. It can scrape information from many formats, including emails and their attachments, and it integrates easily with almost any financial management tool. Additionally, data can be made easily and immediately available to CFOs and other decision-makers.

Dealing with deadlines



Billing is an essential process that can be significantly slowed down by manual approvals and other dependencies at various levels of an organization’s hierarchy. This problem becomes more dire when delays can lead to service level agreement breaches and associated penalties.


Speeding up processes with RPA

A digital workforce that works in the background at all times, supporting human employees and allowing them to perform their tasks to a higher standard, can result in companies saving hundreds or thousands of hours each month. RPA can help with data collection, scheduling, communication, reporting, analytics, and much more.

Completing complex calculations



The volume of transactions large financial administration departments deal with can be overwhelming. Companies with clients, suppliers and employees in various parts of the world must handle taxes, bookkeeping, budgeting, strategic planning, and more, often in more than one language.


Keeping data structures and current

Automating rules-based processes - which describes a large portion of financial operations - is easy with RPA. The solution can make calculations, collate and consolidate data, keep information across multiple apps up-to-date, speeding up some processes by up to 95%.

Key benefits of RPA for the payroll and billing processes

Improve security and control

Set up fast-response security controls, eliminate unauthorized access, and detect security issues before they become a problem.

Optimize costs

Take advantage of RPA’s high cost efficiency and fast ROI, saving 25-80% on current operating costs.

Speed up processes

Deploy a digital workforce that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, and doesn’t make mistakes.


“Many companies never access the full value of the employees in their finance and HR departments. Staff members that can’t focus on analytical decision-making, strategic planning, and valuable human interactions aren’t benefiting their organization as much as they could be. By using RPA, it’s possible to speed up crucial processes, lower operational costs, minimise risk of error, achieve top compliance, and deliver a better service while making employees’ lives easier and reducing turnover.”

Edyta Pietak, CSO at AnyRobot

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