Robotic Process Automation for the Manufacturing Industry

Reduce inventory waste, increase employee focus and efficiency, and enhance operational capability with RPA


74% of industrial manufacturing market leaders intend to focus on operational efficiency as a driver for revenue growth in the next 12 months

They will be able to do more with less and empower employees to deliver mission critical work while a digital workforce supports them from behind the scenes. RPA can be used to boost order fulfillment and processing, inventory management, regulatory compliance, customer support, and much more. On top of that, it ensures a high level of security when handling sensitive company data, and transparency across automated processes that makes it easy to prepare for audits.

Achieve top manufacturing industry goals with RPA

Drive innovation while lowering costs by up to 40%

Save 1,000+ hours of work each month

Improve back-office process efficiency

Boost go-to-market speed through high productivity

Solve key manufacturing challenges

Organizing data efficiently



Managing complex processes and databases manually can be very time-consuming. Data collection, entry and exporting, as well as updating bills of materials (BOMs), introduces opportunities for potentially costly errors, as a single mistake may launch a chain reaction in the production cycle.


Reducing error rates with automation

RPA solutions can handle repetitive, rules-based tasks and do so 24/7, working in the background without disrupting employees. They can automatically collect data from many sources, manipulate it and store it in a number of formats, while keeping risk of error extremely low.

Maintaining process consistency



Order fulfillment, production and shipping require a lot of administrative work, which can easily overload a human workforce. For example, invoice processing requires several stages of checks and approvals, which often don’t have a consistent format and may come in multiple languages.


Structuring data with RPA

Using a digital workforce to collect and manipulate data, generate reports, and more, is a way to not only speed up processes, but also to gain deeper, more accurate insights into the production cycle. This in turn can result in better decision making and business outcomes.

Responding to changing circumstances



Manufacturing processes need to be equipped to handle dynamic change to many interconnected systems. This may involve shifting business policies, integration of new acquisitions into the production cycle, or migrating data to a new system as part of an organization’s growth strategy.


Lowering the cost of change management

The risk of error brought about by any major change can be largely mitigated with RPA. Process automation can be used to speed up execution, and support employees by taking over menial tasks, allowing skilled workers to focus on critical decision making, strategic planning, and handling unusual cases.

Key benefits of RPA for the healthcare industry

Increase quality

Eliminate human error, maintain regulatory compliance, and help employees focus on critical tasks.

Optimize costs

Take advantage of RPA’s high cost efficiency and fast ROI, saving 25-80% on current operating costs.

Speed up processes

Deploy a digital workforce that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, and doesn’t make mistakes.


“Manufacturing was among the first industries to adopt automation and robotics, powering their core processes and vastly improving their overall efficiency. Now it’s time to apply automation beyond the production line - particularly in the back office. Faster and error-free invoicing, low-effort inventory control, as well as improved communication with suppliers and customers are only some of the benefits RPA can bring for manufacturing companies. Crucially, those manufacturers who opt for digital partnerships create new business models 5x faster and deliver new value to customers 2x faster than their partner-less competition.”

Lukasz Chojnowski, CEO at AnyRobot

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