Robotic Process Automation for Back-Office Processes

Eliminate redundancy, manage workflows more easily, and make decisions based on quickly available data with RPA



Robotic process automation is predicted to take over 41% of financial back-office operations 

over the next 5 years, and 53% after a decade. The solution brings unique benefits to office processes, including improved time and resource management, better communication within and outside the team, and lower operating costs. Through a digital workforce that’s always on call and can be scaled to meet changing needs, RPA helps back office teams stay flexible and respond better to challenges.


Achieve top back-office goals with RPA

Reduce the costs of claims

Help staff focus on value-generating tasks

Smooth & fast claims process

Complete processes 20x faster

Easy workflow automation

Reduce personnel requirements by 40%

No contact center backlog

Maintain a shorter response time

Solve the key challenges of back-office automation

Achieving top accuracy and transparency



Back-office operations consist in large part of high-volume, rules-based and repetitive work. The cost of maintaining such processes handled by human employees is high, and the results often involve data inconsistencies or even costly errors. On top of that, staff members experience burnout more quickly when forced to deal with such tasks.


Constant support for employees

A digital workforce operating 24/7 can easily take over a large part of back-office tasks. The work is completed exactly according to standards, with no room for human error or forgetfulness. Processes can be documented with detailed logs for added transparency. With a 1-year or faster ROI, RPA solutions are a perfect fit for busy back offices.

Leveraging company data



It’s clear in the 21st century that information is power - but many companies aren’t taking advantage of the data they own. Securely and efficiently collecting, manipulating and storing data is already challenging. Analytics and deep insights add more complexity and costs to the situation.


Unlocking powerful analytics

RPA can handle high volumes of complex data from multiple sources more effectively than any human employee. It can collect information from apps, files or images, compare data against each other to achieve highest accuracy, track events, and provide insights through custom reports.

Lightning-fast scaling



Scaling back-office operations for more capacity, especially on short notice, can be almost impossible. Temporary staff require training, while retaining them through less busy periods generates unnecessary costs. Due to these problems, many companies turn to outsourcing - if security requirements allow them to do so.


Always meeting capacity requirements

With an automated digital workforce set up in the cloud, organizations can scale their operations up or down with no fuss and very little forward notice. As a result, they pay only for the resources they need at any given time, achieving top cost efficiency, seamless operations and a higher quality of service due to better resource allocation.

Key benefits of RPA for the Virtual Office 


Scale up operations

Increase operational capacity and broaden your offer through innovation at a very low cost.


Optimize costs

Take advantage of RPA’s high cost efficiency and fast ROI, saving 25-80% on current operating costs.


Speed up processes

Deploy a digital workforce that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, and doesn’t make mistakes.


“Organizations depend on the efficient and accurate completion of back-office tasks, but it’s not easy to introduce noticeable improvements to these processes. Many automation tools require too much initial investment or training for the staff. Not RPA. It’s possible to implement it on a small scale in only a few weeks, and teach employees how to use it very quickly. It’s intuitive, interactive, and user friendly. Then, the organization can expand their digital workforce to support other processes, and enjoy a very fast ROI.”

Lukasz Chojnowski, CEO at AnyRobot

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