More accountability with robotic process automation

Bots are reliable, safe and less error-prone than humans, which results in higher quality and lower operating costs for your business. With the ability to work continuously, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they are also much more productive than human workers. This directly translates into higher efficiency and productivity levels in your organization, and thus more competitive prices. 

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the average cost of per data breach incident when a negligent employee or contractor was involved


Over 90%

of companies reported that RPA met their expectations in terms of flexibility to scale up or down capacity according to Deloitte*



of companies report an improved quality of routine tasks thanks to RPA according to KPMG*



of respondents report improved productivity according to Deloitte*

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RPA bots are safe

Bots reinforce the security of sensitive data as they encrypt it and allow access only by certain people with the appropriate credentials. Additionally, RPA reduces cybersecurity risks such as phishing, cracking or man-in-the-middle and lowers the average time it takes to discover and respond to security incidents.


Robots automatically deploy security control when any inconsistencies are detected.


Reinforced security of sensitive data, resources and software at any time.


Reduced risks of security attacks such as phishing, cracking or man-in-the-middle thanks to data encryption.

Unauthorized accessibility is eliminated from the process.


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Bots shrink the error margin large scale

The low error-margin of bots performing repetitive tasks generates no expenditures related to error containment, mitigation and management. As a productivity tool, RPA not only unleashes human potential and accelerates manual processes, but also large-scale shrinks the error margin. This in turn results in higher quality and the improved competitiveness of your business.


Bots perform their tasks in a more continuous, reliable and high-quality manner than humans.

RPA conducts scripted operations and so the process is fully standardised and in compliance with the established norms and regulations. 

Robots record their actions in a log, which allows for thorough auditing and human supervision.

RPA bots increase quality by eliminating human error and accelerating manual processes until now performed by people.


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Software robots work uninterrupted 24/7

Robots work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and complete their rule-based tasks much faster than human manpower, with no downtime. Once a bot is designed and deployed, a stable RPA infrastructure can be easily scaled enterprise-wide. In the long term, the scalability of RPA solutions contributes to unprecedented business growth and prosperity.


Bots work 24/7, don’t take days off or sick leave, and are more than happy to do shift work.


Numerous bots can work simultaneously, which speeds up rule-based processes even further.


As RPA bots learn continuously, their performance enhances over time.

As time-consuming tasks are completed faster, you gain more time, money and resources to enter and scale your business on new markets.

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