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How do RPA and AI work together?

RPA and AI technologies are complementary. When combined, they automate operating processes end-to-end to provide unprecedented productivity and efficiency levels to your business.

RPA software bots complete their tasks according to rules predefined by your Center of Excellence team. In tandem with AI, they are increasingly capable of operating without human support.

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What differentiates RPA and AI?


Channel time and resources

RPA bots follow a step-by-step flow of rule-based tasks they were assigned by human employees. Thus, as automation takes time-consuming and repetitive tasks off the shoulders of your most valuable people, they can channel their time and resources back to more meaningful duties.

Application agnostic

Adapt over time

However, Robotic Process Automation technology is designed solely to work based on highly specific workflows which don’t change over time. This means they still have to rely on humans when exceptions need to be dealt with.


End-to-end automatin

Artificial Intelligence can easily take over exception management to provide your business with full, end-to-end automation of the most common, non-value added tasks. Thanks to AI’s cognitive abilities, it can handle complex processes, which until now have been performed solely by humans.

RPA and AI: Two different technologies, supporting each other



liberates humans from highly repetitive, rule-based and non-value-added tasks


is highly efficient


follows a specific step-by-step flow


needs a human employee to predetermine its operating rules


deals only with structured data



helps to scale RPA by automation of nonroutine tasks


supports RPA in the handling of  complex processes


can identify RPA-suited processes


able to make cognitive decisions and teach itself


processes semi-structured and unstructured data for RPA to understand

Reasons to combine RPA and AI

Embrace RPA and AI as complementary partners on your automation journey to skyrocket the productivity of your human manpower.

RPA reduces back office effort

Enhanced the operational efficiency of your business processes

RPA eliminates human error

Maximize the automation ROI

RPA improves customer experience

Enhanced the operational efficiency of your business processes

RPA reduces costs quickly

Maximized productivity of your human employees, who are finally relieved from voluminous and monotonous tasks


Automation of both repetitive and nonroutine tasks, which involve intuition, creativity and problem-solving capacity

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