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What is an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE)?

Automation allows for digital transformation at scale. Challenging your status quo, robots bring your company unprecedented business value, supporting it in striving for a strong competitive edge and creating a uniquely friendly working environment.
To follow the organization's mission, every robot needs to be managed by a human, though. That’s why you need the RPA Center of Excellence – your super team trained to take responsibility for an effective deployment process and the further operation of bots in your company. 
CoE takes care of company-wide automation growth from top to bottom. Your RPA experts will have robots take over repetitive tasks so as to liberate your human employees from monotony whenever possible, while at the same time ensuring high quality, security and alignment with your business strategy.

                Role of your RPA Center of Excellence



As bots operate solely within preset regulatory parameters, CoE establishes the standards, rules and procedures for RPA processes in your organization to maintain security and control.


At the same time, it ensures the bots’ alignment with policies and provides security controls in the automation system.


If any inconsistencies are detected, your team has the ability to run a thorough audit and supervision based on the log where bots record their actions.



Your RPA experts team will take care of all automation deployments in the organization by assigning tasks and responsibilities to individual employees.


At the same time, they make sure to train your employees how to effectively cooperate with bots to streamline operating processes in the company.


RPA brings profound changes to your organization, and someone has to be in charge of smooth change management. Your CoE is.



A strong and stable RPA infrastructure facilitates the production process. Your RPA team will decide on the right platform and technologies best suited to your business needs.


The RPA Center of Excellence team chooses the ideal vendor to provide you with an intuitive and secure workforce platform that is easy to scale and integrate.


Once the automation is deployed, your RPA CoE team answers for the maintenance and support of the chosen tools.



Starting from the selection of the right processes, through the deployment of bots, up to and including running pilots – your Center of Excellence team keeps a watchful eye on the whole RPA cycle.


They execute, monitor and evaluate RPA processes in your organization to optimize them, and find opportunities to scale and maximize ROI.


When people leave their repetitive tasks to robots, they can manage exceptions. CoE experts will manage their reclaimed time for tasks which require uniquely human skills.

How to build an RPA Center of Excellence

Build an RPA Team

The RPA operations team needs experts with business, IT and development skills. A strong command of specific skills, enforced by AnyRobot professional training is critical. 

Build your Center of Excellence Team with people who take on clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Who do you need on board?

  • RPA Project Manager
  • RPA Sponsor
  • RPA Analyst
  • RPA Architect
  • RPA Developer
  • RPA Change Manager
  • RPA Service Support

Create a technical, functional and scalable environment

To automate at scale, you need to equip your CoE team with a powerful and reliable RPA platform and technology. Once the choice is made, there is plenty of configuration and setup work to do. After the bots are correctly deployed, there is still always room for optimization.


Formulate an effective governance model

Governance over RPA processes is one of the key roles of your RPA CoE team. To ensure the automation’s alignment with all regulatory guidelines, they need to create a comprehensive governance model for their work. The right model outlines specific criteria, rules and procedures for RPA, as well as map escalation paths and role distribution in the organization.


Launch your RPA Center of Excellence and let your business grow exponentially

Your RPA Center of Excellence team will make sure to optimize Robotic Process Automation at each stage – both vertically and horizontally. Their efforts, focused on introducing bots into voluminous, clerical processes company-wide, will help your human employees leave their mundane tasks behind and refocus on strategic thinking.



This, in turn, directly impacts your whole organization – led by an RPA Center of Excellence team,
both your people and your business will be ready to embrace the change.

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