Digital Workforce

Multiply the potential of your manpower, introducing smart Digital Workers equipped with analytical and cognitive skills


How does it work?

Digital Workforce are software robots skilled to think and act as well as analyze the tasks they are entrusted to perform – just as people do. Their impressive set of cognitive and analytical skills, fueled by RPA, AI and machine learning, makes them perfect workers, ready to represent people in areas which don’t require uniquely human cognitive skills. 

Fully competent to take over repetitive and time-consuming roles performed so far by human manpower, software robots are perfectly capable of completing such activities end-to-end, in a fully automated manner. This allows your business to achieve quicker time-to-value and gain a competitive edge on the market. 

Humans and Digital Workforce will work hand-in-hand. Supported by their digital colleagues, your human employees will be free to focus on more value-adding tasks, such as operating strategy, innovation or simply dealing with exceptions. 

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Benefits and opportunities of Digital Workforce


A full automation of complex routine business tasks, which results in quicker time-to-value and thus a sizable competitive edge for your business.


Repetitive tasks are performed end-to-end by bots thanks to their cognitive and analytical capabilities, additionally enhanced with RPA, AI and machine learning.

Human workers multiply their potential – saving time on monotonous tasks, they can use their uniquely human skills for more value-adding tasks and processes.

Access to data stored in multiple formats

RPA has the ability to interact with systems and apps in the same way human employees do. This means that it can read emails and attachments, download reports, fill in online forms, search databases, and much more.

Structuring information with one click

A properly set up RPA process can be triggered to collect information stored across the organization’s infrastructure, regardless of format, and process it into a desired form, such as a PDF report, an Excel spreadsheet, or an email.


What tasks will Digital Workers automate for you?

There’s no need to build your automation from scratch! AnyRobot Digital Workers are ready-to-use, pre-built software robots, designed to represent human employees in various job roles.

Find a digital colleague who will support you in numerous business processes

Connecting to apps and systems

Customer Service & Support

Connecting to apps and systems

Finance & Accounting

Connecting to apps and systems

Human Resources

Connecting to apps and systems

Information Technology

Connecting to apps and systems


Connecting to apps and systems

And others

What can we automate for you?

AnyRobot provides you with the quickest time-to-enjoyment on the market. Schedule a demo with our team to learn what processes in your company can be delegated to robots.

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