Robotic Process Automation for Customer Excellence

Deliver the best possible customer journey by speeding up tasks, reducing error rates, and creating a more human experience with RPA



When much of everyday customer-facing business operation moves online, companies are faced 

with a wider (often global) competition and struggle to hold onto visitors’ attention. RPA offers a number of solutions to this problem, from automated data extraction with almost 100% accuracy, to efficiency improvements that allow human staff to do what they do best: use empathy and analytical thinking to handle more challenging tasks. As a result, customers can enjoy an individualized, error-free experience, and are much more likely to return for more.


Achieve top customer experience goals with RPA

Reduce the costs of claims

Reduce costs and scale as needed

Smooth & fast claims process

Speed up response time and offer 24/7 support

Easy workflow automation

Help staff prioritize tasks that impact customer relationships

No contact center backlog

Take a fully customer-centric approach

Solve the key challenges of customer satisfaction processes

Data management



Much of the time a company’s employees could be spending on interacting with and delighting customers is instead dedicated to completing tedious, repetitive tasks. Filling in forms, transferring or extracting data, comparing information or generating reports are time-consuming and require a lot of attention, if errors are to be avoided.


Unlocking the value of information

Automation offers 24/7 support to staff, giving them access to the information they need at any given time and allowing them to focus on value-driven tasks. Rather than pour over spreadsheets, employees can directly interact with customers, handle exceptions, and take a proactive approach to customer excellence.

Improving accuracy



Human error not only lengthens the time necessary to complete a task - it can also lead customers to see an organization as less competent and trustworthy than it is. Today, with so much competition on the market, a customer that gets impatient or disappointed may leave and never return. Because of this, minimising risk of error becomes a top priority.


Reducing error rates

RPA is known for its high accuracy and built-in compliance with standards. With a digital workforce preparing the data required to serve customers, companies no longer need to worry about errors ruining customer experience. Automatically triggered events - such as notifications or status changes - ensure that processes flow smoothly and users stay informed.

Scaling to match current needs



The problem of capacity plagues companies that deal with seasonal increases of interest from customers. Online retail needs to deal with winter holidays or Valentine’s Day, while the hospitality industry handles peak activity several times a year. It can be difficult to ensure that each customer will enjoy top service quality when the usual volume of users multiplies.


Achieving flexible capacity

A digital workforce can be scaled up or down at very short notice, especially if it’s set up in the cloud. The benefit is not only the ability to deliver a high quality of service to all customers, all the time - it’s also a very cost-effective solution. Businesses match their capacity to their need, freeing up funds for more strategic investments and growth.

Key benefits of RPA for the Customer Experience


Increase quality

Eliminate human error, maintain regulatory compliance, and help employees focus on critical tasks.


Scale up operations

Increase operational capacity and broaden your offer through innovation at a very low cost.


Speed up processes

Deploy a digital workforce that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, and doesn’t make mistakes.


“When properly set up, RPA can handle millions of requests and manage interconnected task flows at top efficiency. When completing rules-based, repetitive work it tends to be about 1.5x more efficient than human employees, and it can cost 30% of what a company would spend on maintaining staff with an equivalent output. If an organization can identify areas where workers do truly uninspiring, low-value but high-volume work, they should definitely consider implementing process automation.”

Michal Wojewoda, Global Sales Strategy & Operations Manage at AnyRobot

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