Robotic Process Automation for Logistics and Transportation

Automatically manage interdependencies between scheduling, tracking, order processing, and more with RPA


Automation can be a big help in keeping pace with the competition and managing thin profit margins

RPA specifically offers a high ROI for a very low cost of entry. It can be used to bring a new level of efficiency to processing shipments, monitoring fleets and inventory, handling communication with customers, shipment tracking, and reducing risk through minimising human error.

Achieve top logistics industry goals with RPA

Execute processes 10x faster and cut costs by 37%

Smooth & fast claims process

Remove human error from documentation and TMS data

Easy workflow automation

Easy workflow automation

No contact center backlog

Deliver better customer service through real-time order tracking

Solve the key challenges of the logistics industry

Efficient asset management



Automatic tracking of shipments, vehicles and other assets can become very resource-heavy incredibly quickly. Information such as pick-up time, delivery location, or current status of the shipment is difficult to access and share between the interested parties: customers, suppliers and employees.


Tracking asset status automatically

RPA offers solutions for background checking and reporting on shipment status, updating transportation management systems (TMS), keeping customers in the loop thanks to seamless tracking synchronization, and easily extracting shipment details as needed.

Storing information effectively



Maintaining coherent, reliable, and accessible documentation is a major challenge for the logistics industry. Information collected from multiple data points isn’t always stored in compatible file formats, which can result in difficulties with integration as well as reports that are unreadable, don’t provide the necessary details, or arrive late.


Accurate data collection

RPA can provide automated solutions for processing invoices, collecting credit, updating electronic data, and managing information for audit trails. Documentation free of errors and available exactly when and where it’s needed vastly improves transaction speed and removes the risk of late fees.

Unlocking the value of data



Order processing requires a lot of time-consuming work. It creates many opportunities for human error in the intersection between a company’s stored data and new information gathered from customers. If structured and analysed properly, this data could be used for building better strategies and optimizing processes.


Gathering deep insights with RPA

With RPA automation, companies can automate the process of recording data by extracting crucial information from emails, then applying it for customer profiling, processing payments, managing orders and keeping track of their progress. This data can be structured for ease of integration and further analysis.

Key benefits of RPA for logistics


Scale up operations

Increase operational capacity and broaden your offer through innovation at a very low cost.


Optimize costs

Take advantage of RPA’s high cost efficiency and fast ROI, saving 25-80% on current operating costs.


Speed up processes

Deploy a digital workforce that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, and doesn’t make mistakes.


“Robotic process automation brings many new opportunities for logistics, such as faster invoicing, easy comparison of multimodal carrier and 3PL rates, improved forecasting, better planning, and much more. Automatic inventory control can offer a major advantage to a logistics company by providing timely prompts and alerts. Additionally, certain resource-heavy but infrequent tasks, such as batch processing, can be approached in a more efficient way with a scalable digital workforce. Digital transformation is going to bring $1.5 trillion of value for the logistics industry, according to prediction.”

Lukasz Chojnowski, CEO at AnyRobot

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