Robotic Process Automation for Customer Support and Contact Center

Improve quality of service, streamline crucial processes, and achieve a zero-touch customer experience with RPA



Maintaining efficiency and a competitive edge in the customer service sector is quickly

becoming impossible without robotic process automation. The customer service journey can be made more human with RPA, as automated processes free employees to focus on the experience they deliver. Handling time can be reduced by 40%, and predictive insights can help customer service teams take a more proactive, customized approach.


Achieve top customer support and contact center goals with RPA

Reduce the costs of claims

Replace outsourcing and offshoring

Smooth & fast claims process

Improve the rate of first contact resolution

Easy workflow automation

Access customer information with one click

No contact center backlog

Reduce the volume of calls by 50%

Solve the key challenges of customer service

A multitude of small tasks



Contact centers may have trouble meeting their goals if they have to handle multiple simple calls, each of which requires logging, pulling up and analyzing data, sometimes even cross-departmental communication. The customers aren’t served as quickly as they’d like, the staff is stressed, and mistakes are made, lowering quality of service, sometimes resulting in SLAs breaches.


Saving time through automation

A digital workforce operates 24/7 with machine-level accuracy. It completes rules-based tasks incredibly quickly and at a low cost. Meanwhile, human employees can focus on handling exceptions, maintaining a high standard of quality assurance and driving continuous improvement. This reduces risk and increases customer satisfaction.

Accessing many sources of information



Data modification, such as changing customer information, is an often recurring task in many contact centers. It involves verifying and correcting data across multiple systems. Then it needs to be confirmed with the customer. This process relies on accuracy and a high level of data security.


Combining quality with security

When a human agent receives such a call, they can simply trigger a prepared RPA workflow that completes all of the steps perfectly, with almost no risk of error. Meanwhile, the customer talks to a human staff member, enjoying a high quality experience and fast completion of their business.

Handling a variety of data formats



Call centers deal with multiple data sources, including emails, email attachments, calls, images, and tickets. Managing all of these inputs and making sure no information gets lost in the flow of communication is tricky. Lost data can mean delays, security issues, and disappointed customers.


Connecting with customers

RPA handles multiple data formats across various systems incredibly well. It can be set up to capture audio input. Thanks to ML solutions, such as text recognition, it can take over data collection, allowing employees to focus on truly engaging with customers.

Key benefits of RPA for Customer Support and Contact Center


Scale up operations

Increase operational capacity and broaden your offer through innovation at a very low cost.


Optimize costs

Take advantage of RPA’s high cost efficiency and fast ROI, saving 25-80% on current operating costs.


Speed up processes

Deploy a digital workforce that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, and doesn’t make mistakes.


“RPA scales beautifully, and it needs no training. A workflow is set up once, and then it can be adjusted to handle a higher or lower volume of requests as needed. This has the potential to significantly lower costs. Additionally, with a 24/7 digital workforce supporting human staff at all times, customer wait times can be reduced, leading to improved service quality, better relationships with customers and a more pleasant time for all during calls. Employees suffer less stress and the company’s turnover rate lowers.”

Edyta Pietak, CSO at AnyRobot

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