Robotic Process Automation for Telecom

Build efficient data flows, reduce operational costs, eliminate errors and improve customer satisfaction with RPA


RPA, used by 80% of the telecom industry leaders, answers these issues by providing full or partial automation of tasks

with measurable outcomes, ensuring lowered costs and high accuracy. Telecommunication companies today face high expectations from users, whose connectivity needs grow along with the complexity of global communication networks. At the same time, the number of back-office tasks related to invoicing, monitoring, data transfer, security, reporting, and so on, can quickly become overwhelming.

Achieve top telecommunications industry goals with RPA

Lower the costs of developing new services

Improve employee productivity by up to 300%

Automate as much as 95% of communication

Boost customer service quality

Solve the key challenges of telco providers

Improving customer experience



The telecommunications industry relies on repetitive, high-frequency, manual processes that follow strict rules. Employees often have to tackle many sources of complex data stored in multiple file formats while trying to deliver a pleasant, human experience to customers - two tasks that are not very compatible, which results in lower customer satisfaction and a stressed out workforce.


Adding a human touch through automation

Luckily, the character of core telecom processes makes them highly eligible for automation. RPA solutions can boost a company’s operational efficiency by completing tasks behind the scenes and providing 24/7 support to human employees. Through the use of MLaaS, operational costs and the number of people involved in interacting with customers can go down, too.

Minimizing error rates



Though high reliability and accuracy of process outcomes is absolutely crucial for telecom companies, tasks such as updating data fields and searching through vast knowledge bases introduce a high risk for error. Additionally, prioritizing first call resolution can not only lower operational costs, but also vastly improve customer experience.


Providing employees with accurate data

RPA solutions are known for reducing error rates and improving compliance. This can be done in two main ways: task automation (generating reports, updating the database, etc.) and real-time assistance for employees, providing them with relevant information based on data analysis and 24/7 monitoring systems.

Rapidly increasing capacity



Readiness to face increased service demands and scale rapidly is a big part of the telecom industry. On top of that, the volume of rich content transferred between users and apps continues to increase. While infrastructure can often be scaled on-demand, telecom companies are limited by the number of employees they are able to call on when the need arises.


Eliminating the problem of scale

Robotic process automation can be seen as a scalable workforce that never rests or loses focus, and performs its tasks with predictable efficiency. It can vastly increase a telecom provider’s capacity at very short notice. Additionally, RPA provides highly effective crisis management support, by taking over repetitive tasks and allowing employees to focus on the real problems.

Key benefits of RPA for the healthcare industry

Scale up operations

Increase operational capacity and broaden your offer through innovation at a very low cost.

Optimize costs

Take advantage of RPA’s high cost efficiency and fast ROI, saving 25-80% on current operating costs.

Speed up processes

Deploy a digital workforce that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, and doesn’t make mistakes.


“RPA brings a number of benefits to the telecom industry. Firstly, it can introduce efficient 24/7 competitor price tracking and deep comparative price analysis, as well as AI-powered prediction. Secondly, it can be used to reduce overhead expenses without affecting data security or quality of outcomes. And thirdly, it can help providers achieve a more human, personalized customer experience, positively affecting customer loyalty and improving FCR rates.”

Edyta Pietak, CSO at AnyRobot

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